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Stripout London - Tyre Management Policy

This policy provides an overview of our commitment to ensuring all tyres are checked and monitored to ensure fully safe for use.


Tyre selection will be considered to ensure the correct tyres are fitted to ensure appropriate tyre based on intended use, operating conditions and all other relevant factors detailed in the current FORS standard which provides comprehensive guidance on all matters.


Tyres will be monitored on an ongoing basis and will be replaced once worn, if any sign of damage observed or if the tyres have reached their maximum determined safe usage limit.


Any trends in tyre wear will be reviewed as part of ongoing tyre review and tyre safety procedures.

Tyres are checked as part of pre-start and daily walkround checks. Checks completed on tyres will include;

  • Wear

  • Pressure

  • Damage


Where high level or wear or damage is identified this must be reported and the vehicle must not be driven until made safe. If pressure below acceptable level to not drive until safe.


Tyre maintenance will be undertaken by a competent person or approved contractor with required level of competence and a formal contract must be in place with any approved contractors.


Tyres are all removed and disposed of by approved 3rd party tyre contractor who is listed on key suppliers / sub-contractors list and relevant details held on file. Tyre recycling and disposal is conducted in accordance with local waste regulations.

Tyre reports will be reviewed and retained and any contracted work will be subject to ongoing inspection and review.

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