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Load Safety Policy

Stripout London Health and Safety

This policy provides an overview of our commitment to ensuring all vehicles are correctly loaded and checked to ensure fully safe before use. All loading to follow safe loading and unloading practices as detailed in the relevant risk assessments and company policies and procedures.

In addition load checks are completed to check;

  • The vehicle and trailer type is correct for the load being carried

  • Load distribution

  • Load restraint

  • Loads to be carried are identified and assessments completed as required

  • Compliance with loading and other relevant risk assessments

  • Weighbridges are used as required

  • Dimensions, laden weight and axle weights are determined before vehicle is taken onto public roads

  • If overall height is 3 metres or more a height indicator will be displayed in the cab of the vehicle.

Risk assessments are completed on all aspects of loading and unloading including safe coupling and towing risk assessment and other risk assessments which are reviewed / updated annually or as required.

All drivers are given training to ensure competent in safe loading.

Where size and weight of load is likely to be an issue the details are noted on a pre-start checklist and where relevant loading documentation will be prepared to include vehicle gross and axle weight limits, nature of the load including load weight and dimensions and any specific loading and unloading instructions including use of lifting equipment and any other special precautions.

All vehicles are plated to indicate safe load carrying capacity as are all items of plant allowing drivers to ensure operating within safe limits.

All drivers trained in vehicle loading and appropriate use of load restraints.

We do not operate Passenger Carrying Vehicles. Company staff understand safe loading of own equipment and luggage.

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