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44-46 Castle Mews, kentish town

Industrial Dilapidations at 44-46 Castle Mews, Kentish Town, Camden, London


44-46 Castle Mews, situated in the industrious borough of Camden's Kentish Town, has embarked on a substantial dilapidation project. This light industrial property, characterized by its proximity to the robust railway arches, required an extensive strip-out and demolition plan to repurpose the space for future industrial use.

Project Scope

The project's extensive scope included the systematic deconstruction and removal of various structural and architectural elements:

  • Demolition of Supporting Structures: Critical dismantling of primary support systems while ensuring the stability and safety of the remaining infrastructure.

  • Roof and Mezzanine Areas: Removal of the existing roofing system and mezzanine levels to facilitate a redesign of the internal layout for improved functionality.

  • Partitions and Floor Finishes: Extraction of internal partition walls and floor coverings, stripping the space back to its core and allowing for a complete industrial refurbishment.

  • Brickwork and Block Work: Clearing of brick and block work, particularly within the challenging environments of the railway arches, required precision and careful handling.

  • Reinforced Concrete Brick Infills: Demolition of reinforced concrete brick infills demanded specialized equipment and expertise due to their robust nature and integration within the railway arches.

Pre-Construction and Planning

An in-depth R&D survey informed the initial stages of the project, identifying the extent of the work required and any potential challenges. The findings guided the creation of a comprehensive Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPP) and a detailed Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS).

Environmental and Logistical Management

Environmental considerations were paramount, with a focus on minimizing the carbon footprint and ensuring responsible disposal and recycling of materials. A logistical plan was developed to address the complexities of working within the active and densely populated area of Kentish Town.

Execution Strategy

The execution of the strip-out and demolition was carefully strategized:

  • Health and Safety: Top priority was given to health and safety procedures, particularly during the demolition of load-bearing structures and the roof, to ensure the well-being of the workforce and the public.

  • Phased Demolition: The demolition work was phased to minimize disruption and maintain structural integrity throughout the process.

  • Specialist Equipment: The use of advanced demolition robots and other specialized equipment facilitated the efficient breakdown of the property's robust industrial materials.

Challenges and Innovations

  • Urban Industrial Setting: Operating in an urban industrial setting required innovative solutions to mitigate noise, dust, and vibration, ensuring compliance with local regulations and minimal impact on the surrounding community.

  • Structural Integrity: Maintaining the structural integrity of the adjacent railway arches was a critical aspect of the project, necessitating continuous monitoring and adaptive techniques.

Project Outcome

The dilapidation and strip-out works at 44-46 Castle Mews have been meticulously carried out, transforming the once-functional industrial space into a blank canvas ready for redevelopment. The project successfully navigated the challenges associated with industrial settings, delivering a site that is primed for its next industrial evolution.


The comprehensive dilapidation project at 44-46 Castle Mews exemplifies a high standard of industrial strip-out and demolition within a complex urban environment. Through diligent planning, execution, and a commitment to safety and sustainability, the project has set the stage for future industrial innovation in Camden.

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