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Working Time & Driver Hours Policy

Stripout London Health and Safety

Preventing Fatigue While Driving

HSE guidance suggests that drivers should take a 20 minute break for every 2 hours of driving to avoid fatigue which is a major cause of driving incidents due to loss of concentration. Drivers should not drive if they are overly tired or in danger of falling asleep, if feeling tired drivers should stop in a safe location and take a break before continuing their journey. Long journeys or journeys with a very early start / late night should be avoided with consideration given to an overnight stay where practicable.

Drivers Hours and Working Time

Drivers hours are monitored to ensure meeting legal requirements in terms of working time regulations. Tacographs are monitored on an ongoing basis and any infringements are reviewed.

Timesheets are also monitored, reviewed and retained to ensure meeting working and driving time regulations.

All drivers should report any fatigue or sleep related issues.

Consideration will also be given to travel to and from work when considering driving time.

Secondary employment will also be considered to ensure an accurate idea of hours worked, hours driven and likely levels of fatigue are known.

Planning of daily and weekly work schedules will include consideration of rest breaks and efforts to minimise fatigue.

Consideration will be given to managing the risks associated with long journeys, such as fatigue, and rest breaks planned to reduce risk.

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