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85 fleet st, CITY OF LONDON

Location and Context

Located in the bustling heart of London, close to the majestic St Paul's Cathedral, the 85 Fleet Street project embarked on a comprehensive journey to restore a prestigious office building. This extensive strip-out and dilapidations effort aimed to return the property to its original state, setting the stage for future refurbishments and new occupancies.

Location: 85 Fleet Street, City of London​

Scope: Comprehensive strip-out of the top three levels, including demolition of internal partitions, removal of floor finishes, and strip-out of WC cores and M&E services.

Objective: Prepare the building for modernization and installation of new services, enhancing functionality and aesthetic appeal.

1. Planning and Preparation

The initiative began with a thorough refurbishment and demolition (R&D) survey to evaluate the building's condition and pinpoint areas needing attention. This step was critical for developing a Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPP) and a detailed Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS). Ensuring a deep understanding of health and safety protocols among team members was paramount, with each member acknowledging their commitment by signing the RAMS.

2. Site Logistics and Environmental Management

Given the project's prime location, efficient site logistics were essential. The logistics plan covered material transportation, storage, and waste management, aiming to minimize disruption. A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) was also implemented to oversee the project's environmental impact, with a particular focus on managing the carbon footprint, which was reviewed in weekly client meetings.

3. Statutory Compliance and Site Setup

Adhering to statutory requirements, the project setup included necessary health and safety installations, signage, and guidance. Essential welfare facilities such as site hoardings, a canteen, and changing rooms were established, creating a safe and supportive environment for the workforce.

4. Scope of Strip-Out, Dilapidations Works, and Reinstatement

The heart of the project involved a detailed strip-out and dilapidations operation, which included:

  • HVAC and Electrical Services: Removal of tenant-installed HVAC systems, electrical services, containment, and cabling, reverting everything back to the main distribution boards.

  • Water Services and Drainage: Isolation, disconnection, and removal of tenant-installed water services, with a thorough capping off of all services.

  • Lighting and Telecoms: Stripping back tenant-installed lighting systems and telecom/data installations, including all associated cabling and outlets.

In addition to these strip-out activities, the project encompassed critical repair and reinstatement works:

  • Repairs and Reinstatements: Conducting necessary structural and aesthetic repairs to the fabric of the building, ensuring it met both the landlord's and regulatory standards.

  • Decorations: Redecorating spaces to a neutral finish, providing a blank canvas for future tenants or refurbishment projects.

  • New Floor Finishes: Installation of new floor finishes throughout the property, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the space, and aligning with the original condition clause in the lease agreement.

Challenges and Solutions

Operating in a central and historic part of London presented unique logistical challenges, which were met with strategic planning and coordination. The project's commitment to environmental sustainability was evident in its waste management and recycling strategies, significantly reducing its overall environmental footprint.


The 85 Fleet Street Dilapidations and Strip-Out Contract is a testament to the intricate planning, execution, and environmental consciousness required in contemporary urban construction projects. By meticulously restoring this notable building and preparing it for future opportunities, the project contributes to the vibrant legacy of one of London's most historic districts.

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