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Strip Out London Dilapidations
Retail Strip Out and Dilapidations Service
Strip Out London Dilapidations
Retail Strip Out and Dilapidations Service

Stripout London is a leading Principal Contractor specialising in soft strip out and demolition services for a variety of occupied buildings.


Our expertise encompasses Data Centers, Retail Units, Commercial Offices, Churches, Synagogues, Museums, and light industrial facilities, making us a reliable partner for any project.

Founded by directors with 50 years of combined experience in commercial strip out and demolition, our management team has the skills and know-how to ensure each project is executed smoothly, efficiently, and within budget.


Our processes are rigorous, starting with a thorough analysis of each project before a construction phase plan and site logistics plan are developed. These plans ensure fire safety, sustainability, and health and safety measures are integrated into every aspect of the project.

At Stripout London, we believe in operating sustainably and keeping construction-related carbon emissions to a minimum. Our in-house safety consultants work tirelessly to minimize and eliminate any potential risks to our team and the public, making health and safety our top priority.


As a member of the Considerate Constructor Scheme, we are committed to upholding the five pillars of the scheme, always striving for excellence.

Choose Stripout London for a smooth, professional, and highly skilled approach to strip out and demolition services in London and the South East of England.

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