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Tower House

Tower House is situated on The Strand, opposite The Savoy Hotel, close to Trafalgar Square, The London Theatre District, and Aldwych.  


Project Details

Location: Tower House, The Strand, London​

Scope: Comprehensive strip-out of the top three levels, including demolition of internal partitions, removal of floor finishes, and strip-out of WC cores and services.

Objective: Prepare the building for modernization and installation of new services, enhancing functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Pre-Construction Phase

Prior to the commencement of the strip-out works, a series of preparatory measures were undertaken to ensure the project's success:

  • Health and Safety Plan: A site-specific construction phase health and safety plan was developed, ensuring all operations were conducted with the utmost regard for safety.

  • Site Logistics Plan: Detailed logistics planning ensured minimal disruption to the surrounding area, crucial given the project's high-profile location.

  • Environmental Management: An environmental management plan was formulated to mitigate the project's impact, focusing on sustainability and responsible waste management.

Project Execution

  • Safe Start Meeting: A pivotal meeting with the design team marked the official start, aligning all parties on project goals and safety protocols.

  • Site Setup: Comprehensive site preparation included electrical and mechanical isolations, installation of temporary power and welfare facilities, and readiness for strip-out activities.

  • Strip-Out Works: The project's core involved the demolition of lightweight and glazed internal partitions, removal of floor finishes and raised access flooring (with a focus on recycling), and strip-out of all underfloor and high-level services back to the main risers.

  • WC Cores Renovation: Each level's WC cores were stripped out as part of the project, paving the way for modern and upgraded facilities.

Challenges and Innovations

  • Location Constraints: Operating in a bustling and historically significant area required innovative logistics solutions to minimize disruption.

  • Sustainability Focus: Emphasizing recycling and responsible waste management, particularly in the removal and recycling of raised access flooring and other materials.

  • Safety and Compliance: Rigorous adherence to health and safety standards, ensuring a safe working environment in a complex urban setting.


The Tower House strip out project stands as a testament to our capability to execute complex strip out operations in challenging urban environments. Through careful planning, a commitment to sustainability, and a focus on safety, we have set the stage for the building's next phase of modernization and improvement.


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