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Champagne Bar Removal at The Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe, London


In a project that blends meticulous planning with precision execution, Stripout London embarked on a distinctive mission to remove a champagne bar from the iconic Gherkin building, 30 St Mary Axe, for our esteemed client, Blue Yonder, Inc. This project presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities, set against the backdrop of one of London's most recognizable skyscrapers.

Project Scope

The comprehensive scope of this project involved the strategic dismantling and removal of the champagne bar located within the Gherkin's luxurious premises. Key aspects of the project included:

  • Fixture and Fitting Removal: The careful extraction of bespoke bar fixtures, high-end finishes, and associated fittings, ensuring the integrity of the surrounding space was maintained.

  • Infrastructure Dismantling: The dismantling of integrated service infrastructure specific to the bar, including  electrical, and data services, adhering to the building's stringent technical specifications.

  • Material Salvage and Disposal: The responsible salvage of reusable materials and the environmentally conscious disposal of non-reusable components, aligning with sustainability goals and regulations.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Iconic Location: Working within the Gherkin, an architectural landmark, required adherence to strict building regulations and sensitivity to the building's design and operational dynamics.

    • Solution: Close coordination with building management and adherence to all regulatory and safety standards ensured the project's seamless integration into the building's operational framework.

  • High-Value Interiors: The champagne bar's high-end finishes and bespoke installations demanded a meticulous approach to removal to prevent damage.

    • Solution: Employing specialized tools and techniques, the team ensured the careful dismantling of all installations, preserving the value of salvageable materials.

  • Operational Continuity: The need to minimize disruption to the Gherkin's ongoing business activities was paramount.

    • Solution: The project was executed in phases, with work scheduled during off-peak hours to ensure minimal impact on the building's occupants and operations.

Execution Strategy

The project was carried out in distinct phases, each meticulously planned to ensure efficiency and safety. The initial phase involved a detailed survey and planning stage, where all elements of the champagne bar were cataloged, and a removal plan was developed. Subsequent phases focused on the systematic dismantling of the bar's infrastructure, fixtures, and fittings, with a constant emphasis on precision and care.

Sustainability and Compliance

Sustainability was a cornerstone of this project, with a strong emphasis on material reuse and recycling. All materials were carefully assessed for their potential for salvage, reuse, or recycling, minimizing waste and environmental impact. The project strictly adhered to all relevant building codes, environmental regulations, and safety standards, ensuring a responsible and compliant execution.

Client Collaboration

Collaboration with Blue Yonder, Inc. was integral to the project's success, ensuring that all aspects of the removal aligned with the client's expectations and requirements. Regular updates and consultations ensured transparency and alignment throughout the project's duration.


The champagne bar removal project at the Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe, stands as a testament to StripOut London's ability to navigate complex projects within iconic locations. Through meticulous planning, specialized execution, and a commitment to sustainability and compliance, the project was successfully completed to the satisfaction of Blue Yonder, Inc., setting a benchmark for future projects within prestigious commercial spaces.

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