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92 well street, hackney

92 Well Street, located in the vibrant borough of Hackney, East London, was the focus of a comprehensive office strip-out and dilapidations project. This prestigious undertaking involved extensive planning and execution to transform the existing office spaces, classrooms, kitchens, function hall, WC's, and lobby area, making way for significant structural alterations and renovations.

Initial Survey and Safety Preparations

The project commenced with a detailed refurbishment and demolition (R&D) survey to assess the site's condition and identify key areas for intervention. Based on these findings, a Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPP) was prepared, alongside a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS). These documents ensured that all team members were well-informed about the health and safety aspects of the project and fully understood the risks associated with their tasks.

Environmental Management and Site Logistics

A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) was developed to manage the project's environmental impact, particularly its carbon footprint, which was meticulously recorded and reviewed weekly. The site logistics plan facilitated the efficient organization of strip-out, demolition, and enabling works, with essential site welfare facilities being established to support the project's smooth progression.

Strip-Out Phase and Structural Planning

The initial strip-out works involved a 'soft strip' of the interior spaces, clearing the way for the structural transformation. Subsequently, structural engineers were engaged to design a temporary works schedule to support the building during the extensive alterations planned.

Demolition and Dust Management

Demolition works commenced with the use of advanced demolition robots, with particular attention paid to dust control measures. The work area was carefully sealed, and dust generation was minimized through damping down procedures and effective ventilation, ensuring no disruption to the surrounding environment.

Structural Alterations and Renovations

Significant structural changes were made to meet the new floor plan objectives set by the client. This included the installation of large goal posts and ground beams to maintain the building's stability, as well as a reinforced retaining wall along the Well Street elevation. Key structural enhancements also involved the removal of load-bearing walls and the installation of structural steelwork to support a new metal and glass atrium.

Infrastructure and Finishing Works

The project featured intricate infrastructure developments, such as the creation of an underground waste tank and an outdoor goods lift shaft, both integral to the building's functionality. The renovation was completed with the leveling and polishing of screed floors and the precise cutting of access holes for new service installations. Trenches were also dug within the ground slab to accommodate buried services, ensuring a seamless integration of modern utilities.


The strip-out and dilapidations project at 92 Well Street, Hackney, represents a significant transformation of a key office space in East London. Through diligent planning, environmental consideration, and meticulous execution, the project was successfully completed on time and within budget, showcasing our commitment to excellence in building refurbishment and renovation.

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