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Office Dilapidations at NFON London HQ, Uxbridge


The NFON London HQ, located in the heart of Uxbridge, recently underwent an all-encompassing office dilapidation project. The initiative was aimed at not only stripping out outdated elements but also implementing extensive repairs, redecoration, and updates to the service infrastructure to meet contemporary office standards.

Project Scope

The extensive scope of work was strategically planned to address every aspect of the office's needs:

  • Carpet Tile Removal: All old carpet tiles were meticulously removed, with the underlying floor prepared for new coverings, reflecting the modern aesthetic of the workspace.

  • High-Level Services: Outdated high-level services, including HVAC ducts, lighting, and cabling, were carefully dismantled and removed, with plans to install state-of-the-art systems.

  • Underfloor Services: Essential services housed beneath the floor were accessed and evaluated, with obsolete components extracted to make way for advanced replacements.

  • Redecoration: A thorough redecoration scheme was implemented throughout the premises, incorporating a fresh, corporate design language that aligns with NFON's brand identity.

  • Repairs: Structural and cosmetic repairs were conducted to address wear and tear, ensuring the office space not only functioned well but also provided a welcoming environment for employees and visitors.

Pre-Construction and Planning

Prior to commencement, a detailed R&D survey established the groundwork for the project, informing the CPP and RAMS. These documents were vital in briefing the team and ensuring a full understanding of the health and safety aspects, risks, and methodologies involved.

Environmental and Logistical Management

A CEMP was created to predict and track the carbon footprint of the project, with findings reported in regular client meetings. The site logistics plan facilitated the systematic strip-out, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding urban area.

Dilapidation Process

  • Soft Strip-Out: The project began with a soft strip-out of the existing office layout, removing partitions, suspended ceilings, and non-load bearing walls to create an open plan office space.

  • Structural Alterations: Temporary works supported the structure where necessary as walls were removed, and new architectural features, such as the metal and glass atrium, were installed.

  • Infrastructure Updates: The groundwork for new service installations included precision cutting for access holes and trenching within the floor slab, readying the space for the latest in office technology.

Health and Safety Measures

Stringent health and safety measures were enforced throughout the project, with particular attention paid to dust management, the sealing of work areas, and the careful handling of demolition materials to ensure a safe and clean environment for all stakeholders.

Finishing Works

Upon completion of the structural and service updates, the office underwent a thorough finishing phase:

  • Flooring: Installation of new flooring solutions to modernize the office environment.

  • Electricals: Updated electrical systems, including new floor boxes placed according to the reconfigured design.

  • Joinery and Fittings: Replacement of skirtings, architraves, and door linings, with the addition of new joinery items to complement the refreshed interiors.

  • Decoration: Application of new decorative schemes, painting, and detailing work to finalize the aesthetic transformation.

Project Outcome

The dilapidation work at NFON London HQ was completed with meticulous attention to detail, delivering a refreshed and revitalized office space. The project was executed within the set timeline and budget, adhering to high standards of quality and environmental consciousness.


NFON London HQ's dilapidation project is a prime example of a comprehensive approach to office renovation, incorporating extensive strip-out, modernization, and aesthetic enhancements. Our team's dedication to precision, safety, and client satisfaction has resulted in a workspace that is not only functionally superior but also visually impressive.

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