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In the iconic setting of St Pancras International Station, the strip-out of Searcys Champagne Bar presented unique challenges due to the bustling environment and operational constraints. Executed exclusively overnight to accommodate the station's busy daytime concourse, this project demanded meticulous planning, precision, and a keen focus on safety.

Scope of Work

The contract encompassed a comprehensive soft strip-out of the bar's interior, including:

  • Seating Booths: Removal of heavy-set seating booths, which required careful dismantling to prevent disruption and ensure efficient removal.

  • Partitioning and Privacy Glass: Dismantling of partition walls and privacy glass installations, critical for opening up the space for subsequent renovations.

  • Bar Furniture: Clearance of bar stools and other furniture items, facilitating a smoother transition to the renovation phase.

  • Waitress Points and Fire Exit Partitions: Removal of functional elements such as waitress points and fire exit partitions, essential for complying with the new design layout.

Following the initial furniture and fixture removal, the project scope expanded to include:

  • Catering Equipment: Extraction of the bar's professional catering equipment, including sinks, fridges, and stainless steel work surfaces, demanding careful handling given their value and potential for reuse.

  • Bar Top and Fascia: Dismantling of the bar top and fascia, which required precision to preserve the integrity of the materials for potential repurposing.

Safety and Challenges

Operating within St Pancras International, a site known for its architectural significance and constant foot traffic, posed several safety challenges:

  • High Voltage Overhead Cables: Proximity to high voltage cables serving the adjacent Eurostar platform necessitated stringent safety measures and continuous risk assessment to prevent electrical hazards.

  • Risk of Falling Debris: The presence of a balustrade overlooking the ground floor concourse raised concerns about falling debris. Implementing robust debris containment measures was paramount to safeguard the public and station operations.

Execution and Safety Measures

The project's success hinged on strategic overnight work schedules, allowing the team to perform the strip-out with minimal disruption to station activities. Emphasizing safety, specialized protocols were established to protect the general public, station staff, and our workforce, particularly regarding the identified electrical risks and potential for falling debris.

Project Outcome

The strip-out of Searcys Champagne Bar was completed with exceptional attention to detail, safety, and project management, achieving all objectives on time and within budget. This project underscored our expertise in navigating complex operational environments and our commitment to executing high-stakes projects without compromising on safety or efficiency.


The overnight strip-out of Searcys Champagne Bar at St Pancras International Station exemplifies our ability to tackle challenging projects in sensitive and high-traffic environments. Through careful planning, adherence to safety standards, and efficient execution, we ensured a seamless transition for one of London's most iconic champagne bars, setting the stage for its next phase of development.

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