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Stripout London - Vehicle Communication Policy

It is an offence to use hand-held mobile phones whilst driving. You will be liable for prosecution if you are holding a mobile phone or any other type of hand-held device to send or receive any sort of data while driving.


You are regarded to be driving if you are in charge of a vehicle with its engine running on a public road, even if the vehicle is stationary. It is therefore strictly forbidden for you to use hand-held mobile phones whilst driving.


A mobile phone may only be used where there is an in-coming call or an out-going voice activated call through a hands-free device that is activated without a need to hold the device at any time.

Any hands-free device must be positioned or stowed so as not to limit field of view or cause distraction.

Calls must not be made or taken if risk of distraction or if full attention is required for driving.


When you need to operate the mobile phone you must stop and park the vehicle where it is safe and lawful to do so and with the engine switched off. Whilst driving, you must not use the text message facility on the mobile phone, or if available through such a phone, an image facility or internet access.

There is no expectation to take or make calls while driving.


Office staff are required to check vehicle tracking or driver status before making calls to drivers and all calls to drivers should be avoided when the driver is driving a vehicle. If a call has been made and it is established that the driver is currently driving the call should be ended as soon as possible.

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