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Counter Terrorism Policy

Stripout London - Counter Terrorism Policy

This policy sets out our arrangements to ensure we have taken all appropriate action to ensure all staff are aware of the current terrorist threat and to raise awareness of terrorism, improve security and also to make sure a high level of vigilance against terrorist threats is maintained across the organisation.

To assist with the implementation of this policy we have appointed a Counter Terrorism champion as detailed in our FORS Manual.


This policy also details our preparations for recovery and continuity after a terrorist action.


Terrorist threats can come in a variety of different forms;

  • Information Security Threats

  • Theft or hi-jacking of vehicles

  • Attacks on staff or premises


All threats are considered and reviewed on an ongoing basis including formal review during Risk Assessments and a summary of threats is maintained in the company Risk Register.

A Business Continuity plan is in place to detail arrangements to recover or continue after a disaster such as may be caused be terrorist action.


Security Measures;

  • Mobile telephones should be carried, fully charged and switched on.

  • Personal safety training for staff.

  • Risk Assessment of Lone Working and Lone workers asked to disclose details of any medical condition, medication, etc which might affect their safety at work.

  • Lone workers to Plan journeys carefully, know what route they are taking and let other people know where they are going and when they expect to arrive

  • Never leave keys in the ignition or the engine running whilst out of the vehicle for any reason.

  • All vehicle keys held securely when vehicles not in use.

  • Keep the doors locked when driving and keep bags and other valuables out of sight.



  • Do not pickup hitch-hikers or unauthorised passengers and exercise caution when dealing with any emergency situation; ensure any enforcement officers show identification and be aware of hoax emergency situations.

  • Only stop for breaks and rest in locations where it is safe and secure to do so.

  • Make sure any vehicle used is serviced regularly. In winter it is especially important to keep lights clean and battery fully charged.

  • Lone workers should make sure they have up-to-date breakdown cover and that they know the number to call.

  • All drivers given training in identifying potential terrorist activity and security training.

  • Any suspicious activity or thefts must be reported.

  • Where Engine needs to be left running for operational purposes another key will be used to lock the cab.


Security incidents will be managed in a safe and sensitive manner.

Where required any incident of suspicious activity will be reported to the relevant authorities.


Counter terrorism – all staff given training in security and counter-terrorism and aware to be vigilant at all times.

Any suspicious activity, including possible bomb-threats or vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices will be reported and area evacuated.

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